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Is it legal for me to shoot targets with my handguns in my backyard? I live outside the city limits and live on just over two acres.

There is a lot for sale beside me and I have plenty of woods to set up targets with no houses in that direction.


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Fayette County as of June 9, 2005:
Sec. 12-5. Discharging firearms.
(a) Unlawful act; exceptions. It shall be unlawful to discharge a firearm within the confines of the county, except in the protection of a person's life or property:
(1) Within one hundred (100) yards of a public roadway;
(2) Within two hundred (200) yards of the dwelling house of another;
(3) Within two hundred (200) yards of a county or other municipal or licensed recreation area; and
(4) In such a manner as to endanger another's life, limb or property.
The discharge of shotguns under the foregoing conditions shall be permitted in any residential zone provided the parcel of land being used is ten (10) acres or larger in size and OO buckshot or smaller ammunition is used in the shotgun.
The discharge of rifles, pistols or shotguns under the foregoing conditions is permitted within any residential zone, A-R (agricultural-residential) zone or any planned unit development zoning district which has been specifically approved for a planned retreat or lodge provided the parcel of land being used is twenty-five (25) acres or larger in size.
(b) Permit process. Whenever any event involving the discharging of firearms is to occur, such as recreational/fund-raising events or competitions, at any site other than a site zoned A-R or an approved planned retreat or lodge as defined in this section, a permit must be issued prior to the holding of the event. Applications for permits shall be submitted to the enforcement officer in charge of the county marshal's department. Approval or denial of each permit shall be within the discretion of the marshal's department. The permit fee shall reflect the cost of review by the marshal's department. The specific fee amount is available from the marshal's department and is subject to change from time to time with consent from the board of commissioners.
(Ord. No. 94-18, §§ 1, 2, 10-19-94; Ord. No. 94-19, § 1, 10-27-94; Ord. No. 95-08, §§ 1, 2, 3-23-95)
So, 100 yards from the road and 200 yards from someone elses house. 200 yards from a park.
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