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I registered last year but just realized that I had never posted to say hello to GPO, so Hello everyone! I found this place and GCO through the now defunct website.

I've lived in Georgia for 44 of my 49 years so I can pass for a native if I need to. I've carried off and on for almost 20 years and used to carry only Sig's (P220, P239, P232). Oddly enough it was at the SigArms Academy during the summer of '05 that I shot my first Glock, and I've been a Gaston convert ever since, preferring the consistent trigger pull of the Glock to the DA/SA transition of the Sigs.

I mistakenly bought my first gun safe about 12 years ago and discovered that nature abhors a vacuum. Much to the detriment of my savings plan I've added some long guns, shotguns, and handguns over the years due to the ever present urge to fill that safe. That probably sounds familiar to one or two of you?! :lol:

So there's a Hello and an introduction, hopefully I'll get to meet some of you in the not too distant future, but I have to work all the time to pay for my toys, bet that sounds familiar, too! :wink:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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