Heavily militarized police today on and off the Marta train

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by NTA, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. NTA

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    Northbound today at 5:10 PM I was on the Marta train. When it stopped at Lindberg the train operator announced we would be a while due to a security sweep.

    Two cops (solders ?) in desert camo hit every car. They had their hands on their thigh holstered pistols (to prevent snatch?) while they walked the car one behind the other. Looking only at the floor not the folks on the train.

    Two, in some cases three, more on each side of the each train car on the platform, one (per train car) with a 30 cal carbine with a long straight magazine, fully loaded, I could see the stack of brass in the mag. The carbines also had some kind of supressor (flash, other ?). I clearly do not know my AR15's or their full auto version. Some of the cops were Marta others were DHS Police. The camo guys could have been anything, I could not tell.

    The ones on the train and some over on the platform had video cameras on their helmets.

    Probably three dozen cops (or?) all total for the train.

    Don't know what to think about this. However, every time I deal with the TSA at the airport I cheer the latest Afgan body count.
  2. MyFred

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    They're practicing for when they have to "control" us people.

  3. seereus

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    Wonder what would had went threw someones mind if they had decided to CC or OC Marta today. :lol:
  4. 45_Fan

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    They had a big drill today. Dogs, paddy wagons, blocked roads, noise, blinken lights, the whole 9 yards.

    Somebody asked me what was going on and I answered that they had a fare jumper.

    The whole time I was thinking if they could double GWL ridership they could save lots of money in their budget!