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Can someone explain why, other than bureaucratic red tape, it's a non-issue for car insurance companies to cross state lines but a huge deal for health insurance companies?

I think fixing healthcare is a fairly straightforward process.
1) Health insurance companies allowed to compete nationally just like car insurance.
2) Medical facilities (everything from hospitals to doctor offices to pharmacies) must have a set price for an item. That price cannot change based on who is paying the bill. My mechanic doesn't charge me $2500, $800 to geico, $400 to allstate, and $199 to progressive for the same repair. He simply charges the cost of the repair.
3) Mandatory coverage to include "catastrophic care" defined as all procedures over a set dollar amount which will then be indexed to inflation, annual well check-ups, and immunizations. Everything else can be added/removed just like car insurance (want prescription drug coverage, that'll be $5/mo).
4) Insurers may not drop someones coverage because their health changed.
5) If a covered medical condition develops while a person has health insurance and that person does not go longer than 6 months without health insurance then insurance companies must continue to cover the condition and may not consider it a "pre-existing condition" for rate / coverage considerations, even if the individual changes insurance companies.

#1-4 I think are the reasonable to ensure maximum coverage at minimal cost without risking people losing their house because of their health. #5 is the carrot to convince people to maintain health insurance coverage even when they think they don't need it. An alternative to the government mandating you buy something simply for existing.
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