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That unratified amendment read as follows:

“No law varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives shall take effect until an election of representatives shall have intervened.â€
Gregory was intrigued. He decided to write his paper about the amendment and argue that it was still alive and could be ratified. He got to work, being very meticulous about citations and fonts and everything. He turned it in to the teaching assistant for his class -- and got it back with a C.
By 1992, 35 states had passed the amendment. Only three more to go. After 10 years of letter-writing, sweet-talking and shaming, Gregory was within reach of his goal.

On May 5, 1992, both Alabama and Missouri passed it. And on May 7, as Gregory listened on the phone, the Michigan House of Representatives put the amendment over the top.

His quest was finally over: More than 200 years after it was written, the 27th Amendment was finally ratified.
And with the benefit of hindsight, Sharon says, Gregory clearly doesn’t deserve that C she gave him.

“Goodness, he certainly proved he knew how to work the Constitution and what it meant and how to be politically active,†she says. “So, yes, I think he deserves an A after that effort -- A+!â€

And that’s exactly what happened.
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