Have you killed anyone?

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  1. yay, story time!!

    *Posted solely becuase GaGunOwner posted a popcorn eating guy.

    I go to BoJangles every sunday morning becuase my girl loves it.

    I OC EVERYWHERE, and CC where i can't OC.

    So anyway, my beretta was in her car so i grab my glock and IWB holster, and we head up there like we do every sunday morning.

    The cashier ( a 16-17 year old girl) says to me, "Where is your gun?"

    Laughing I say "under my shirt".

    She then nods and waits a few moments...

    "So have you killed anyone?" With her manager standing next to her, both awaiting my response.


    Didn't see that one coming, laughing even harder I explain that i haven't.

    She smiles and thats the end of it.

    Not on par with my other stories but i thought it was funny. I guess you had to be there.
  2. budder

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    Well, I've certainly killed a lot of paper. And some silhouettes...

  3. I should have been like, "4 and a 1/2 and counting"

    "1/2? How do you kill a half?"

    "Both me and my girl shot him and we really dont know which one finished him off so we split the score."
  4. Thats really funny because thats exactly what I thought after i said no.
  5. Crazydave

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    That'd be alot of killing. :)
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    :lol: :lol:
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    ++ This is definitely the best response.
  9. ICP_Juggalo

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    No, but I have hurt someone's feelings once....

    Does that count :?:
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    When i'm asked this question it typically comes because of military service. And when it's in that context. I refuse to answer the question. I know others with similar service has similar experiances. No matter what your answer is it is taken incorrectly. If you say "yes" they think you are bragging or a murderer. Or if you say "No" they think you haven't done anything or had hard experiances. My response is politley "I will not answer that question. Because most likely you will miss interperate my answer.".
  11. S&W 40

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    "Yes, but they were all bad" Harry Tasker[/quote]
  12. USMC - Retired

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    Not today but I still haven't had my morning coffee so it's not out of the question...
  13. Macktee

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    Years ago, when my wife was working as an RN on the night shift, she frequently walked to her car alone. One of the respiratory therapists started escorting her. I was thankful but she said he was this little guy from Thailand who wouldn't be much help should something bad happen; she'd probably end up protecting him. We were both working for our black belts at the time.

    Then I met the guy...

    Turns out he used to be a professional kick-boxer. He just absolutely exuded danger. None of the women picked up on it, but the guys all did!

    The nurses partied a lot. This guy was always invited, because the women liked him. He always brought a BIG baggie of weed and rolling papers. At one party, he asked the same question. There were several Nam vets there, most of whom answered in the affirmative, but did so reluctantly.

    After listening to them, the little "harmless" guy smiled hugely and said, "Fun, isn't it?"

    Turned out his part-time job was collecting bad debts for a drug dealer. Which explained why he always had lots of dope. At least he freely shared with everyone. :D Apparently, he left Thailand rather quickly because he killed the wrong guy and won a match he was supposed to lose...

    Anyway, I never again worried about my wife walking to her car if he was with her.
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    That'd be a perfect movie, mack... :lol:
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    Yeah...I worked for a guy we called crazy Bob....he was a Nam vet.

    We called him that because we were trying to get him to go deer hunting with us and he finally said with a blank stare that he wasnt going because it wouldnt be any fun hunting a deer after you had hunted people :shock:

    Never ask him again.....