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Harvard Law Bulletin on Parker

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They repeat the mistaken notion that this is the "first time a gun law has been found unconstitutional based on the Second Amendment," which is surprising if Harvard is suppoed to have the best and the brightest, but otherwise it is a decent read.

But Parker “is more straightforward,†Tushnet says, and the Court will have a tougher time avoiding the issue.
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kkennett said:
I have made this same prediction regarding Ginsburg in this forum months ago. I believe she will hold her nose and vote to affirm because as an old ACLU hack, she doesn't want people reading individuals out of the bill of rights. She will be swayed by the liberal logic that selective readings of the 2A can lead to similar techniques on amendments they like, such as the 1A, 4A, 5A, 6A, and 8A. Not that they don't apply selective readings themselves all the time.
Well stated.
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