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As one who is just about old enough to hide his own Easter eggs, let me say to you...

Happy Easter, or more correctly, Happy Ostara to all, ... Y%26sa%3DN

Winter Soltice = Christmas
Ostara = Easter
Holloween = Holloween
Etc., Etc., = Etc., Etc.


(Eostrae, Ostara, Osteria, of Ostar, "mornings", see the east). In the Germanic mythology is it a goddess of the fertility, which morning redness, sunning and spring goddess to be, which represent the Auferstehung of nature after the long winter.

Ostara should be a daughter of the Fricka (Frigg) and the Wotan, its brother the God Donar (Thor). That fought against the ice giants of the winter and defeats it, so that Donar with the Ostara can hold the introduction of spring. Favourite animal and companion of the Ostara was thereby the hare well-known for its fertility. With the hare the egg associated as symbol of the becoming life.

Hare and egg resulted in together the conception of the Osterhasen, which puts the multicolored Ostereier at the Green Thursday.

The customs around "the May queen" and the east he and spring celebrations keep the memory of the celebrations awake in honours of the old divinities, even if the Christian church lodges a complaint these cults as Easter for itself. From the cyclic Wiedergeburt the Christianity made the unique event of the Auferstehung of the God son, from the periodic release of darkness and frost the continuing chance for release of hereditary sin.

In contrast to this the customs researcher called Dietz Rüder Moser Ostara modern invention. Eostrae is alone mentioned by an English monk, the holy Beda Venerabilis, and its invention.

The Ostara resemble as Göttinnen morning redness the Greek Eos and the Roman Aurora; as a fertility goddess returning in spring Ostara of the Greek Demeter resembles.

With F. ASWYNN is to be read the thought, the national name Austria can have to be understood like Scandinavia as "country of the Skadi", Holland as "country of the Holda", Germany as "Tiws country", Friesland as "Frijas country", England as "country of the Ing" and on a country of the descendants of the Ostara points (the sheets of Yggdrasill, 108).
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