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OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! just posted an update to just about every state. Included in the Georgia one is now, "That firearms signs have the force of law"....

I swear... Indeed, it appears they have soiled all their pages with this same claptrap, muddying the waters!


Looks like we (I) have some more letter-writing to do!
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On Rosinante! :p
Yeah, 'tis my nature...

It has taken forever for them to make changes to past errors. It really does not make the entire site, upon which so many depend for the straight truth, all that dependable.

Reviewing other states' pages, like the new Iowa page, does not give me a great feeling either. They treated Iowa, a "no weight" state, as "We recommend you don't enter and jsut not give them any business. Use one of our handy "no firearms = no business" cards we provide."

I wish they'd leave their opinions out of it and just state precisely what the facts are.... :sly:
im assuming they are referring to Criminal Trespass and liability for Stand your ground laws, but in terms of illegal CEZs, they aint.
rabbivj said:
im assuming they are referring to Criminal Trespass
I am not aware of any legal support for the proposition that a "No Guns" sign has anything to do with a criminal trespass charge in Georgia.
Maybe the disinformation is on purpose.
I just found an active thread on GlockTalk, where Gary Slider, the owner of, is having an active discussion about his site.

I gave him a copy of this thread, and asked him if he would address this issue, and to also post here on GPDO.

His thread on GlockTalk is here: ...

Let's see what happens. I believe from reading his info and threads, that he a good guy, and will let us know his thoughts on the info.

Looked at the Glock talk forum and this is what they are saying about the signs!!

Do check out your states page. The No Firearm signage info is not complete for all states. In some states there is really no law about signs and will err on the side of caution when it comes to this type of information. I know I have listed some states as signs having the force of law when they might not. Reading the laws are tough and again I will err on the side of caution when it comes to No Gun Signs. It will take some time and with your help we will get them all ironed out. Check out the image of your states permit/license. I do believe I have one that is being issued now but I can’t keep up with every change.
He just heard from one of his trusted sources, and has verified that Georgia has NO signage law.

He is a good guy, and will change the info, I am sure. is a great site, and everyone should keep it on their favorites list.

Thanks to Match10 for getting this going.

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