Hammer v. Muzzle Loader

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    I wonder in what century this news item occurred?

    A reminder that when it comes to firearms, even thoroughly obsolete technologies will do the job in the right hands:

    BATTLE CREEK (NEWS 3) – A weekend shooting that left a Battle Creek man dead appears to be a case of self-defense, police have confirmed.

    The shooting happened just after midnight on Saturday in the 500 block of Hamblin Avenue. Police received a 911 call from a resident saying he'd shot another man.

    Officers arrived and found 38-year-old David Bailey of Battle Creek dead.

    Detectives say the 58-year-old homeowner, whose name is not being released, told them Bailey had come to the house with a hammer, looking for money. Neighbors say Bailey attacked the resident with the hammer and a struggle ensued. The resident then shot Bailey in the chest with a .50 caliber muzzle loading rifle.

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    I never have heard of somebody keeping a muzzle loader loaded. In fact, I never have known anybody that owned a muzzle loader that did not also own a modern firearm.

    And, I'm amazed that it's possible to be struggling with somebody over a hammer, and get far enough away to retrieve a muzzle loading rifle (that obviously must have been loaded already), and fire it at the person that presumably is pursuing you in your own house.

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    :-s That is a little strange but the investigators seem satified. I am sure the news account left something out.

    Man it will take forever to get the sulpher smell out of the house.
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    The headline should read "58 year old homeowner drops hammer and shortly thereafter so does his attacker" :lol:
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    :righton: :mrgreen:

    Maybe you missed your calling in life. You should have been a newspaper editor instead of a Marine!