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H. M. Quakcenbush Air gun?

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I need some information on this "gun" as I cant find much online. Maybe someone here has some more info for me before i start going to airgun forums.

I found this old bb/dart gun in my grandpa's basement in NY. From what I can find online, it was made in New York and seems to be a Quackenbush Model One. It is stamped "H.M. Quackenbush" "Herkimer N.Y. U.S.A." . The gun is not dated but does have serial numbers. My grandpa said it used to be HIS uncles gun before it was given to him. This would put it at about 100+ years old, which seems to be consistent with what Ive read (some made in the 1890's). Ive read a few things online about its value ranging from $200 to $1600 for a 90% model, and everything in between. You cock it by pushing in the barrel untill it clicks, and then you would insert a dart or felted slug into the barrel opening, close it up and take a shot. I was shooting little pieces of oiled gun patches and hitting a can accross the room with them! So it still works great

Does anyone know anything about these? value? rarity? Thanks

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That is an exstremely nice find. Especially in working order. I would strongly suggest going to for info. It is a very good site and airgun knowledge there is unmatched... Again .... Very Nice Find!!!
verry cool find!
That is really neat! Please let us know when you find out a little more about it.
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