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Absolutely, though your money would be better spent getting a P7, unless you wanted a P7M8 to have for your collection. The recent P7 imports (refurbs) are running $500 (grade C) to $900 (grade A). or so. Used P7M8s regularly go for $13-1800.

Check out these two sections of the park cities faq:
Ultimate P7 Pro/Con
Descriptions of the P7M8, P7M10, P7M13, P7PSPand the P7K3

And, if you'd like to meet me at Bulls Eye in Cumming to shoot my P7, you're more than welcome to.

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They are awsome shooting pistols. The cheap used ones coming in now are PSPs with the cumbersome european style mag release on the heel of the grip. The M8's , M10's, and M13's have the ambi release at the bottom of the trigger guard where it meets the grip. P7's are very, very accurate and easy to shoot.

The downsides are that they rust easily if you carry it a lot. A lot of folks get them hard chromed, etc.... to fix this.

They get really hot if you shoot more than 40-50 rounds through it in a short time period. The M series have a heat shield that helps alleviate some of this heating. The cheaper surplus PSP's do not. It's a self defense pistol, not a battle rifle. If you get in a gunfight requiring that many reloads you are screwed anyway.

Want a holster for it? Get in line cause they ain't easy to find in stock.

It's an H&K i.e. it's hellishly expensive/hard to find, but worth it.

They have a polygonal rifled barrel and you should never clean it with a stainless steel bore brush or shoot cast lead bullets through it.

It's gas operated and you need a special little carbon scraper tool to clean the gas cylinder. Lead bullets will screw up the system too.

Last but not least they are like corvettes and black rifles. Once you get one you want more. You know just in case. Ownership has been likened to a cult, addiction, or a disease.

The official cult website:
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