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GWL in only a few days

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Hey y'all,
I checked the mail today for the first time in a few days (mail box isn't near house) and my GWL was in there! I applied for it on the 28th in Clarke County and the issue date says the 29th! I thought it would take MUCH longer like most people have said (around 2 weeks). I'm still a college student, but have a sparkling record which I assume is the only reason it was quickly done. Aside from my roommates quips about "When are you ever going to need this?" I'm excited to finally get it. A great start to 2011!
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nice turn around. :righton:
That's great news, good for you!
:welcome: and congrats on the permit!
=D> congratulations
=D> congratulations
A college student with a gun? :panic:

(Seriously, congratulations.)
Congratulations and :welcome:

Welcome! Glad to know Clarke is pretty fast.
WOW!!! that was fast and welcome!
Welcome to the forum, Dawg!

I live over in Madison County, even though it's been a couple of years, my GWL took weeks, not days. That is a agreat turn around time.
Welcome to GPDO and nice turnaround on your GWL :righton:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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