Gwinnett Renewal

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    I just renewed and thought I'd update the forum on turn-around time in Gwinnett County.

    6/4: I went to the courthouse (parking was a nightmare) and applied for the renewal. My application got handed off to another staff member half-way through, so I had to sit there while my information was checked twice - but, the office staff were professional and pleasant. There were about 5 people in line ahead of me, and the whole process took about 20 minutes. (Monday)

    6/7: issue date on the new card (Thursday)
    6/8: date of the certified "I put this in the mail" receipt (Friday)
    6/11: date that same letter was time stamped by the clerk (Monday 7am)
    6/12: postmark date on the envelope
    6/14: the new card was in my mailbox (Thursday)

    So, all in all, it took 10 days from applying to receiving.