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Gwinnett County Contact Question

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It has been around 30 days since I applied for my permit in Gwinnett County. My questions is, who do I need to contact specifically to find out if/when my info was sent to the probate court?

Also, what specifically do I need to inquire about?

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I am going to call the probate court directly after I find out when GCPD sent my info to them. I want to have the dates the info was received by the court so they can't try and give me the run around.
zone said:
Be patient It could take awhile.
I figured it would. I don't want to be a pain in their @$$, but I also want to see if my info has been returned and figure out how long it will take from that point. The whole process, as we all know, takes longer than it should. I'm just trying to see how far along it is.
ptsmith24 said:
Post back here with what you hear. :righton:
Here you go - after getting bounced around, I finally spoke with a lady at GCPD who informed me that my info was sent to probate 48 hours after I was fingerprinted. She said it's now on probate to get it signed, laminated, and put in the mail. It's been 25 days since they got it back and of course, still no GFL.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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