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    My fiancee and I are meeting our photographer in a few weeks to have some photos done and one of the places we are going is the Gwinnett Center which is where our reception will be. It will be on a week night.

    Barring any type of convention being held at the Gwinnett Center that night, does anyone know if this place is off limits? We will only be outside on the grounds and not in any of the buildings. Would us meeting our photographer there constitute a public gathering?

    Just looking for some thoughts.
  2. USMC - Retired

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    I think your safe.... IANAL

  3. GAGunOwner

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    Is the Gwinnett Center gov't owned or operated? I'm not familiar with it. If it is then it and it's parking lots are PGs.

    Also, anything within 200 yards of a PG is a PG too.