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I had a cop do something similar to me once (referring to you saying he was pointing to his patch)

I was driving down the highway, already speeding, and a cop comes flying up behind me. I was trying to get out of his way, but I had to pass two more cars before I was in the clear. Since I was already speeding, I didn't want to speed anymore to get out of his way any faster.

Well, he lights up, and pulls me over. Long story short, he comes up to me and starts yelling saying: "Do you see all this sh$t on my car? Do you see it?" I was thinking that he was talking about dirt on his car, like I had kicked up mud on his car or something. It took me a minute to figure out that he was point at his car that said: POLICE on it. He gets in his car and takes off. I was thinking: "Hmm, wouldn't he be getting there even faster if he hadn't of stopped?"
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