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Right On

I love hearing attorneys speak the truth, plainly but powerfully. It's rare in this profession. M.P. you nailed it. Failure to make way for an impatient cop! Now that would be an interesting charge.

But seriously, let me ask all the LEOs and former LEOs out there... is there something to the theory that if you just speed, without blue lights, people will get out of your way, but if you speed up into their rearview with blue lights flashing, a bunch of 'em will step on their brake, thinking you're pulling them over, putting both of you in danger of a rear-end collision, and at least slowing down your progress a bunch?

If a cop is on my tail, and I'm speeding, but he's not blue-lighting me, I assume that he wants me out of his way. But if he's behind me with the lights on, I take my foot off the gas and start scanning for a place to pull over
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