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    If you are new to firearms you may want to check this site out. I have watched this guys Personal Defense TV show on the Outdoor Channel and listened to his GunTalk radio program via Podcasts. He seems to know what he is talking about and has many friends to help him. If you are interested check it out.


    It's time! If you have been listening carefully, you have heard me hint at a new project several times lately. Because you are part of the Gun Talk Truth Squad, you are getting the details first!

    For much of the year I've been working on a new venture. It's entirely new, which has made it difficult to create -- no road map to work from.

    It's a new way to learn about guns, learn how to shoot various guns and shooting disciplines, and get detailed information about guns and shooting products. It's video on the web, but it's not just a collection of "gee whiz" videos of people shooting and grinning.

    Imagine having Clint Smith teach you how to do reloads, or use a revolver for personal defense. How about having an All American trap shooter take you through an entire course on this most popular shotgunning game? We have Bryan Bilinsky, a top wingshooting coach and gun fitter, showing the ultrafine points of shooting a shotgun. I walk beginners through the information on action types, cartridges, etc.

    We are just getting started, and there are about 90 videos on the web site already. We are shooting more all the time, and they will be added constantly.

    It's called Gun Talk TV. No, it's not on your television, but it just seemed right to call it TV. Visit

    I've hosted, directed and produced television shows about shooting for 20 years, and I love doing TV. But...there are limitations on what can be done in the 22 ½ minutes of a television episode. We can't spend five minutes showing the details of a tactical reload on TV, but we can on Television viewers won't sit through a talk from Clint Smith on the mindset of a warrior -- that form of thinking you need to have to be really prepared to defend yourself or your family. On, though, we can give him all the time he needs, and we did!

    We also have a lot of gun safety videos, so you can send beginners you are working with there to get the basics, and to brush up yourself.

    I've poured a ton of time (and money!) into this venture. It's important to me, because I think it can help people who want to get into shooting but don't know where to start. It will help veteran shooters who want to improve, but who don't have access to world-class shooters and instructors. It fits with my personal and professional mission statement which begins that the goal is "To permanently change the way guns and gun owners are viewed . . . "

    Gun Talk TV has many videos you can watch for free. For full access, it's a monthly fee of only $5.95. That's about half a box of .45 ACP ammo! You can click here to view the Subscribe page for more info.

    Hop over to and give it a workout. Let us know what you think. Poke around. Settle in. Get to know the place. Remember: This is a BRAND new website; if you see any glitches, you can help us out by sending us an e-mail!

    OH! I forgot to tell you about the Video Q&A. You send questions you want answered, and we pick some and have our experts answer then on video! Click Here to ask a question!

    We'll begin to tell everyone about this next weekend, but you can go there now!

    Hope you enjoy it!!

    Thanks for checking it out. (Yeah, you can tell your friends, too.)

    Tom Gresham