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Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    I am not going to hide how much guns disgust me. I think they are one of the, if not THE, most vile contraptions on earth.

    To give you an idea how much, I wrote three papers in college on guns and gun control in one semester. I cannot begin to tell you how many extremely heated discussions I’ve had with friends and family about guns.

    While I strive to understand how anyone can think that any one person should hold that much power - the ability to intimidate and/or take someone’s life with a gun. I can’t deny an individuals constitutional right to bear arms, no matter how painful it may be for me to accept.

    But as far as I am concerned, no one needs a gun at all. Not you, certainly not me. Not good people. Not bad people.

    The general public has no reason to own firearms such as semi-automatic guns or assault rifles and should be completely banned and destroyed, along with all the other types of guns (as far as I am concerned).

    There is no excuse, nor any reason, why guns should be allowed in homes with children. The two simply do not mix, and it is completely irresponsible parenting.

    Don’t try the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people†argument with me. I really . . .

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    I replied. I posted as Matthew. I should have taken my time... it's so aggravating to read stuff like that. I wanted to trash him for being a liberal commie but that just makes us look ignorant. Oh well, one more pro-gun, anti-2nd amendment suppression comment.

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    The AJC calls my house all the time asking me to subscribe to their paper...I tell them i don't want their left wing BS paper in my home.....

    I would say to the author of that....we can not change history there are firearms and they are owned by people who do not care about me or my family and i will not be a victim to however can do what you want and god forbid the situation ever arises for you; you can hopefuly avoid an attacker/intruder by screaming or putting you life in the hands of the govnt.....NOT ME THOUGH
  4. foshizzle

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    After reading through the replies, I'm somewhat optimistic given the majority of pro-gun responses.

    I sure hope GA doesn't go down the toilet on gun-control. I work in the city and live in DeKalb, so I'm on the thin line of absoute disgust right now outside of the gun issue. 8% sales tax in my county. Vernon Jones as a CEO making decisions on law-enforcement. Water bills going out the roof. I don't even see the results of my tax dollars. The local schoolchildren scare me. There is no police presence in my "nice" part of town. Traffic is horrible. The ONE good thing my little slice of GA has going for it is easy access to ranges and decent gun laws. If that goes away, I'm out of here. I'm close to leaving now. It's either get my MBA or move to Florida now. My significant other has family down there and the Talahassee area has more outdoor ranges than we have indoors!
  5. DrGlock

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    My $.02

    Wait till he's at the receiving end of a knife or baseball bat, no more world series!
    I can just read it now...

    "sports disgust me. To invent such a vile activity that would spawn such a weapon, Doubleday should burn in hell for this..."

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    Ditto buddy!!!
  7. Gunstar1

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    Foshizzle, frankly in my opinion, you are in one of the worst counties in Georgia. I would move out of state before moving into DeKalb county.
  8. Adam5

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    You could always move out here to Forsyth Co.
  9. foshizzle

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    I would love to move to Forsyth, Walton or Occonnee :D

    Thing is, my gf and I will likely be working in DeKalb for at least the next year. The commute would kill us... it's bad enough now for her. I have been looking and I just can't find the kind of money I'm making here anywhere else. The thing about FL is that even though I would be making less money, she has more family close and some land we can get on the cheap.

    But yeah, DeKalb is teh suck. I live in the Brookhaven/Buckhead area, but it's no consolation. I still have to pass through the crap part of towns to go most places. It's only a matter of time before I get mugged, burglarized or carjacked. This part of town is going downhill fast. I don't even pay attention to anything for the most part and even I can see it happening.
  10. luke0927

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    I like Forsyth were i live now and i grew up in Dawsonville actually like it better....i live right on the line i took over my Great grandpas acutally closer to Dville than Cumming
  11. Wiley

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    Poor Woody. Another old fat guy trying to fit in.

    I don't suppose it would help him if I were to point out that Ted Kennedy's car killed more people than all of my guns. Combined.
  12. That article makes me cring. AJC? Absent-minded jumbled crap? Maybe I am thinking of another rag... :-k