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I received my May 2007 copy of Guns and Ammo magazine yesterday in the mail and their was an article concerning Cole's gun shop in South Boston, VA who was one of the targeted shops by Bloombergs straw purchases. The VCDL was quite upset that this particular gunshop settled with Bloomberg instead of fighting back. The attorney for Cole's gun shop said, "it's a no-brainer for my client to accept Bloombergs offer, as doing so exempted Cole's from a potentially expensive lawsuit.

For his part Mr Van Cleve understands that a law suit brought by the mayor of the nations largest city has to be a very frightening thing for any small business owner to face.

Mr Van Cleve went on to say Bloomberg is just a two bit politician. What he's doing is inexcusable. But he's still doing it. So we have to stand up and deal with it.
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