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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by VolGrad, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. VolGrad

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    OK, I apologize in advance if this is a novice question.

    If a weapon were to be <strike>stored</strike> kept at the ready, say a garage or storage building - What would be the likelihood of some type of damage (corrosion, etc.)? Assuming it was cleaned/oiled/lubed regularly. What about the ammo?

    Specifically, the location is not exactly climate controlled but is insulated and not directly exposed to the elements. Temperature ranges between 40-100 degrees and maybe some humidity but otherwise no chance of getting wet.

    Would the brand matter? Glock vs Sig?

    To carry this question one step further - I have always wondered what would happen if one were to place a pistol in a gallon sized Zip-Lock bag and bury it in the ground. Other than the risk of something digging it up, what risk would there be to the pistol itself? The ammo?
  2. budder

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    Vacuum seal the ammo and put the well-lubed gun in a ziploc bag. This goes into an ammo can with a cleaning kit. Presto! A zombie defense stash :) At those temperatures, the ammo will be fine, and a well-lubed gun shouldn't have any problems with corrosion. That said, I would only "trust" a Glock with this duty. No reason not to practice in the meantime with real guns ;)

  3. ptsmith24

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    If I really needed access to a gun, I'd rather not have to dig it up. If big daddy .gov wanted to come and get them, I'll just have to kindly remind them about that tragic boat accident.
  4. VolGrad

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    Two different scenarios I was asking about. Garage/storage building for ready access. Burying for ..... just in case. I don't actually intend to bury them, I was just curious.
  5. ptsmith24

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    Oh ok, I gotcha.
  6. ber950

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    If you store a weapon in an outbuilding, garage, log cabin etc. it will need attention from time to time. The length of time will depend on the exact climate conditions. High humidity or wide swings in temp will give you the most trouble. Of course stainless steel will give you the least trouble.
  7. pro2am

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    I had my guns (shotguns/rifle) stored for 5+ years, without touching them. They were each in a soft gun case, which in turn were in a cardboard box. Most of the time the guns were climate controlled...between 60 and 90 degrees. They were all well oiled, including the inner barrel, and I also treated the wood stocks with some good furniture oil to prevent drying/cracking.

    When I finally did take them out for a good cleaning there were some very minor spots of rust through the bluing, but it could have been there all along and I just forgot.

    If I were to do it again I would put one of those little packs that are supposed to keep things dry (forgot what they're called) as extra protection against humidity.

    For the record, I would never put anything in plastic unless I was absolutely sure I can vacuum seal it. I think breathable fabric that wicks moisture is best.
  8. VolGrad

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    I have updated my original post to better reflect my question. I apologize for the confusion. I do not mean long term storage. I am talking about keeping them at the ready.
  9. ThetaReactor

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    Most of those soft or foam-lined cases trap moisture and aren't suitable for long-term storage. One can cover the weapon in grease, which preserves well but, as any milsurp fan knows, requires a bit of work before it's ready to shoot. For pistols, I'd say throw 'em in a gun sock, throw some desiccant in the bottom of an ammo can and close it up. If it will be subject to temperature fluctuations, just put the pistol in a mylar baggie.