Gun Smith that can repair polymer rifle forend? Or smith that has canadian contacts?

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    Title might seem like a weird combo... Let me explain...

    I have a Benelli MR1 that I purchased and got damaged in shipment. Long story short Seller packed it in too small of box with inadequate padding and UPS refused to honor insurance claim. Seller refused to take gun back since UPS would not honor claim and repair/total out damaged gun. Seller stuck me with the gun and blocked my number and email. Paid with money order, so I was stuck!

    So I was trying to replace the broken pieces. However, Benelli USA has now discontinued importing parts for the gun to the USA. The forend is the piece I need to replace that is not available in the US. Its cracked on the front and I was hoping someone out there could repair polymer...

    If this is a no go.... the MR1 is still being imported into Canada. Ergo... the parts should still be available in Canada. I'm hoping to find a gun smith that might have a gun contact in Canada. Maybe the part can be gotten in Canada and imported to the US?

    Anyone know anyone? Heck can we even import gun parts from Canada?

    I'm near Atlanta Georgia...

    Thank you!
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    I think I'd file a small claims suit

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    There are a dozen authorized Benelli dealers in Canada, per the manufacturer's website.
    Why not call a few of them and ask if they sell fore-ends?
    Ask if there are any authorized Benelli warranty service centers in Canada.
    (I don't see any; all my search results give USA even when I type in "Canada" and "ca" in the search box.
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    As the above post suggested... I emailed everyone that sells benelli mr1s or parts for them...

    Well one of my emails panned out! Shout out to Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store. They actually answered my email and told me there's only one supplier in Canada for Benelli parts like that, and it's the importer to Canada.
    Stoeger Canada - (1-800-263-1945) and that I would need to contact parts & warranty.

    Peter at Stoeger was a great help and hopefully I will be able to call tomorrow and work out the details to purchase the part from Kira at Stoeger. For anyone wondering if the parts can cross the Us/Canada line... yes they can. The issue is having the correct permits to do so. As there is a benelli parts in the US, Stoeger does not have the permit to ship to the US, but I should be able to use my friend as a go between.

    So cross your fingers that Kira can get her hands on one for me.


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    I think a good gunsmith can fix that with a good clear epoxy resin.