Gun Rights not up for Democracy -----

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Baba Yaga, Dec 2, 2020.

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    Good reminder is needed from time to time
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    The article says that the American people have shown through opinion polling that they want more progressive left-wing policies (such as more gun control) and yet Congress is not acting on their wishes.

    Since most Americans learn everything they know about firearms through the left-wing dominated media, an institution bent on turning America into a socialist nation with left-wing European values instead of American values, it doesn't surprise me that Americans express favorable opinions towards all sorts of communist ideas.

    The American people have been lied to!
    I suppose some are just stupid, and incapable of rational thought. But many more others are intelligent but naïve. They're ignorant of the true facts because they have been fairly steady diet of left-wing propaganda all of their lives, starting in the school system. After, when they graduated on their own to be young adults, they were deceived through a disinformation campaign by the news media, entertainment media, social media, progressive-leaning "churches", music, etc.

    I would hope that our representatives Government are both intelligent enough and motivated enough to look past the bullshit and actually investigate the true facts of every issue before them --gun control, abortion, taxation, the environment, or anything else. And if their WELL -INFORMED opinion ultimately diverges from that of the public who has been spoonfed a steady diet of propaganda, so be it !

    Let the politician make the correct (not necessarily popular) decision, and vote his or her conscience.
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    I disagree that the polls represent the majority opinions. As anyone who has worked with polls can attest, you can craft a series of "questions" that lead the respondent to a conclusion. Combine this with a skewed polling group AND questions that do not represent a full spectrum of choices and you get absurd results. Voting with feet (moving out of failed jurisdictions to ones with opportunity and jobs), voting with dollars (record gun and ammo sales) carry far more weight in my book than "polls" that exist simply to push a narrative.

    That doesn't mean we can assume folks are on our side. The anti-gun billionaires have funded a slick perpetual marketing campaign to erode our rights. Facts help, but outright mockery works best.
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    A clear majority of adults do not even own a gun. The recent spat of sales does not change that.

    Roughly one third of adults say they own a gun.

    It really has not changed much over a long period of time.

    Whether Americans support "more strict" gun laws depends upon what is in the news at the time, but there are always roughly half supporting, and, after an event like Newtown Ct elementary school children mass murder, that support may rise as high as three quarters.
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    Guns? Who owns guns? Anyone here tell the guy on the phone you own guns? Shame I had to sell my old Win 94 and now have none. Well that old Bearcat dad bought near 70 years ago is my retirement plan. Does that count?