gun possesion = road rage

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    Seems a bit funny that a Google search for the study itself (Accident Analysis and Prevention, DOI:10.1016/j.aap.2005.12.014) only brings up hits that reference it, just like the article in newscientist.

    I would also opine that Harvard is not the most neutral institution.

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    Perhaps this anti-gun Joyce Foundation grant might have something to do with it?

    Conflict of interest maybe? ... in-fs.html
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    Quote from the article.

    Yet in some states it is easier than ever to own a gun and carry it a car. In the past two decades 23 states have eased restrictions on carrying guns, says researcher Mary Vriniotis. Police no longer have the right to ban someone they consider unsuitable from owning a gun. People now only have to pass background checks, such as the absence of criminal convictions.

    “In some states it is easier than ever to own a gun and carry it in a carâ€"Our findings indicate that the people driving around with guns in their cars are not among the most responsible and best-behaved people on the road," says Vriniotis. "In the interests of injury and violence prevention, it probably makes more sense to tighten rather than relax restrictions on gun carrying in motor vehicles."

    Um, are shootings by people with an "absence of criminal convictions" on the rise, or are these "scientists" engaging in hysterical nonsequiturs?