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There are a lot of new gun owners who are deciding to get a gun SPECIFICALLY for self-defense, rather than using the gun that they already own for sport as an improvised defensive tool.

On the other hand, the report above shows that a small percentage of hard core gun nuts (like us) own a lot of guns, and that this throws off the number of guns the "average American" owns.

QUOTE : The 2015 study also revealed that many of America's guns were concentrated in a small number of hands. About half of the nation's guns are owned by 3 percent of the population.

We really need to reach out to people who don't own any guns and have never done enough shooting to be comfortable or competent with them.
Those are the people (a great number, perhaps a majority of Americans, especially among people living in cities on the east and west coasts) who will default to supporting "reasonable" gun control (whatever that means) and whose ignorance about guns lets them believe any lie or exaggeration told to them by the gun-banning crowd.

(Such as: Glocks are plastic guns that go through metal detectors. Assault weapons like an UZI or AK-47 shoot bullets that are more powerful than a hunting rifle. Semi-autos are the same as fully automatic machineguns, except a loophole in federal law makes them legal. Nobody needs more than 6 rounds to defend themselves. Citizens can't effectively use guns against criminals without training, like the police have. A barrel shroud is a shoulder thing that goes up to let the weapon vaporize the target without having to aim it. [J/K on this last one!]
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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