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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by gunsmoker, Jun 21, 2007.

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    Even though I never acquired any of my guns from a government agency (except my M1 Garand through the C.M.P.), I would like some liberal urban city or county government to offer to "buy back" guns from the public, "No Questions Asked." Bleeding-heart liberal church groups and civic organizations are welcome to buy my guns back, too.

    Not all of them, mind you. Just some of them. One in particular has been nothing but problems for me since Day One, a junky .22 that is particularly unreliable. It's probably worth $25. If some organization feels so strongly that it needs to be "off the streets" that they are willing to pay me $50 cash or with a $100 gift certificate from a shoe store, I'll be toting that bad boy to the said public gathering to turn it in.

    I could use a nice pair of top-notch running shoes, to make the Peachtree Road Race (6.2 mile run) a little easier on my feet.

    If anybody here knows of some organization that wants to make our community safer by getting deadly weapons off the streets (meaning out of our closets, attics, and gun safes), please post here. Thanks.

    P.S. It's important that the gun can be exchanged for cash "NO QUESTIONS ASKED." That way, I don't have to worry about being asked such questions as: "What's this thing worth?" or "Does this thing really shoot?" or "Once we buy this from you, your home will be gun-free, right?" or "Hey, you're not thinking about taking the $50 bill we're about to give you and adding $50 of your own money to buy that assault pistol from the lady a few people behind you in the line, are you? (pointing to the widow of a WWII vet, clutching her late husband's war trophy, a captured P-08 Luger worth about $1500).
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    me too!

    Me too! I would do my best to help them out!


    A few years ago I remember being in a gunshow and they had a table full of junky "Ruby Extra" revolvers in various stages of disrepair (shoot at your own risk condition!). The price was $25 each. They had a sign that said "Gun Buybacks offer $50 per gun. These are $25 each. Buy here, sell there, instant profit!!!! :twisted:


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    Doubtful that type of crap will ever happen in Georgia. Those programs ran in LA, NYC, San Fran, etc but I doubt you'd ever see it in the south.... maybe Miami.
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    We have them. I have not seen any lately and the last few offered crappy gift cerificates not cash. They have started requiring them to work too.
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    I have one too. But I'm afraid to get rid of it in case I change my occupation to "pimp".

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    foshizzle- you had me rolling on the ground laughing at that one. The picture did it all for me.
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    0 can sell the gun....just remember to:

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    I love this idea

    Ilove this idea we sell them the guns we wore out just to use the funds to buy new hardware. great Idea!!!