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Cavediver said:
Police did not identify the customer who wrested the gun from Allgier, saying he did not want to be identified.

KUTV said the customer was Eric Fullerton.
And his home address is . . . and he leaves for work at . . . and his wife is often home alone . . .

Do you sometimes get the feeling that KUTV just wants another news story to film?

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It seems he was, the tranpsort officer was 60 years old too. Not that 60 year olds can't do transports but never alone and armed. He also had to remove the metal handcuffs and place him in flex cuffs for an MRI.

The armed officer never handles the inmate, unless he is shooting him.
The flex-cuffs are placed on by an un-armed officer first before the steel cuffs come off.

In Corrections you see this a lot, lack of training, a lack of concern, and a lack of discipline by the officers as well as the administration. There are just more important things to do than train to a standard. I hear and see it all the time, now it cost someone their life.

I know of one instance a trainer was discussing firearms qualification with a warden, he asked do you want your people trained or do you just want them to pass qualification? The Warden replied "I just want them to pass".

The Georgia Commissioner of Corrections also has a policy in effect that if the inmate being transported is medium or above he will have at least two officers, one armed and one unarmed. I see guys get transported daily with one unarmed officer, and sometimes ride in the front seat with the officer.

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Uh, Firearmz...

That's scary.

I was in a doctor's office a couple of years ago when a CO brought in three or four inmates. She was armed and they were in metal cuffs. They came in in a group and went back to the exam room (or rooms ? ) in a group.

They left in a car, a Taurus I think, that had no cage or other protection for the CO. One of the prisoners sat up front with the guard. On the side of where she wore her pistol!

They acted as though it was no big deal and probably do it all the time, but...

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We have a lot of inmates from both local state prisons in our ER and on the floors, as we are the only acute care hospital between Macon, Augusta, and Savannah.

If they're escorted by state corrections officers, there's always three officers, one of whom is "senior" and is the one armed. He's always a few feet away from the patient. The other two handle the patient.

If they're with Bulloch County jail, they send a jailer and a deputy. The jailer is in the room with the patient and the (armed) deputy is posted up outside.

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I did inmate transports solo when I worked for the sheriff's office. My major refused to give me OC or a TASER until I became "certified", so I just carried a Bersa Thunder .380ACP concealed in a smart carry rig.

My captain didn't mind one bit, my major had a duck fit....

No way was I going to be caught out in public or out in the middle of nowhere by myself with a dangerous inmate unarmed. :shakehead:
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