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So what does everyone think of the GSSF tournaments? Good? bad? organized well? It sounds as if they are about $25 for a tournament if you are a member. I know they have several that come to GA. It sounds like a good time and I am very excited to get going to one. I guess I was just looking for some feedback.
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I think it's a great deal. $35.00 first year membership. You get to buy one GLOCK at discounted pricing per year, shoot at the GSSF matches and can attend the GLOCK armorers course. The GSSF matches have been fun (the two I have been to) and seem to be well run. Laid back and fun. They also give away a ton of stuff at the matches. I won two (2) - Two Year memberships at the Conyers match last year. I have a good friend that has won several firearms from the matches. I think they gave away 21 guns at the Conyers match that had about 700 attendees.
They're one of the best bangs for the buck if you like shooting. The course of fire isn't too hard and they give away a TON of stuff.

I've been to three matches and picked up a free 2 year membership, several hundred bucks AND 2 guns. They give stuff away for placement and at random.
:righton: GSSF :love: Its not tacticool comando training, just stand in one place and shoot. Its not about fancy equipment, its about hitting the target.
I'm planning to shoot Griffin in a couple of weeks.

GSSF is more a bullseye competition than a speed shoot. The penalties for misses are pretty high. Its better to take a second to hit the target than try to shave 0.5 seconds with a bad shot. Of course, I say that but don't do it. :cry:

Its a good match and seems to go by very fast.
Damn plastic guns...

I was thinking on signing up for the Griffin one. It sounds like a blast. If it is not Griffin then it will be the next. Thanks for the information.
BTW - It has been a while and I have not received any of my information in the mail. How long has it taken on the average. I have heard that they are busy doing renews. I did mention to somebody there via email that they should handle that stuff online. It would make life easy for them. To register online/renew.
It can take several weeks to over a month or so. They do it in batches.
How long did it take to get your membership card? Its been couple ish weeks and I still haven't gotten mine :?:
I am planning on attending the Griffin competition. I am looking forward to it.
Our gang should be there Sunday.
I was eventually thinking when attending these competitions to maybe find a place to camp overnight close to the area. Are they near a good camp site? We have a popup that I thought might be good to bring the family along while I go shooting etc. Make it a family event for us.
I am going to attend the Griffin comp. tomorrow. Anything I need to know before I get there? Any suggestions or recommendations are much appreciated.
in addition to hinters and good info to know. I should be covered with the $25 pre-registration right? I looked around on the site to see in I need any additional $$$ for the competition but did not see anything. I hope that is true. Also somebody mentioned in another forum about taking paper plates? All that is provided I thought. Maybe just reading too much stuff trying to be prepared.
TheLaw said:
Our gang should be there Sunday.

That's Volgrad front and center.
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I did my renewal at glock directly. I emailed donna and she said it was no problem, and I got my new card right there.

sent from my h4x0r3d capybara using my brain and thumbs.
I got it in the mail yesterday after couple months
Got my card this week, about two weeks after I signed up at Ed's.
I have to say the competition was awesome! Since it was my first one I was really nervous and I think it showed on the Glock the Plates which I did not do very well but I think I did ok on the other two. I am sure I will be down near the bottom of the competitors but it was all about the fun and I will for sure attend the next one in GA. I hope to get some practice in on the plates before the next one since I had never shot plate before. It was very well run and I will have to say that it was really a good time. I cannot wait for the next one. Hopefully I will improve on that one.
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