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GSG 1911 .22LR mag source

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Anybody know a low-price source for GSG 1911 .22LR magazines? AIMSurplus has them for $30 (MSRP, I think), but they charge almost $10 for shipping. Anybody know a cheaper online source for these? I am in the market for some ammo as well so if such a place has good ammo prices I would be more inclined to buy and mitigate costs by combining shipping.
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I bought here. he is out right now but lots of cool stuff for the GSG.
Midwest Hunter's Outlet?

It probably isn't worth paying to get .22lr ammo shipped as Walmart carries 550 bulk packs for $18.97 but I'm not entirely sure if that is the ammo you had in mind.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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