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Growing Marxist Violence in the U.S.

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A group known as the Knights for Socialism hosts a "self-defense clinic" for teaching members how to "bash" so-called fascists.

The educational watchdog Campus Reformreported Monday on the existence of a University of Central Florida group designed to teach socialists "how to BASH THE FASH" at "Leftist Fight Club: The Rumbles at Lake Claire."

"This event is open to everyone and anyone, except Republicans," the group's Facebook invite for a Feb. 5 session read. "Ladies: The Commander in thief is a sexual predator and rapist. He has normalised sexual assault and it is expected that sexual violence against women is going to skyrocket in the next 12 months."

The group's promotional material includes a cartoon of a masked Captain America punching white nationalist Richard Spencer, along with a woman kicking a Nazi in the stomach.
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So is this violence just more fake news? Or is there something more to it?

Bit of a long read.


This is an actual civil war, as in a conflict between ideologically-opposed factions within the civilian and political population of a country. Like real civil wars, it is not going to be pretty. It's not going to be armies, in pretty uniforms, fighting pitched, conventional battles. It's going to be a matter of assassination, sabotage, hit-and-run raids, targeting ideological leadership figures, enemy families, etc.

As Matt Bracken pointed out in a recent Facebook post himself, we're looking at more of a Balkans and/or Argentine "Dirty War" conflict. People just haven't accepted that, because it doesn't fit their mental images of what "war," even "guerrilla war" looks like. That, in turn, is because, even the most devout conversions to the "Church of the Anti-Media" in this country today, have a lifetime of conditioning to the media's portrayal of what "reality" is. From what a "proper" war looks like, to what "collapse" looks like, to what "bad guys" look like.


It's easy to sit in your lounger, with your laptop across your knees, and pontificate on the false motivations of the Leftist activists. "Oh, they're just attention whores!" "Oh, they just want their safe spaces!" "Oh, they're just useful idiots being played." "Oh, they'll quit as soon as the money stops." There's a very real problem with that though, and it's called underestimating your enemy. If you don't believe that a dude who is out, in wintertime, in a protest/riot, and eating some riot cops baton, as he receives a solid washing with "hickory shampoo," is not a dedicated True Believer, you're deluding yourself.
But much less directly traceable to any specific one of the group of local residents who were outside watching for danger to their homes.

Somehow I don't think having something traced back to you will be your top concern when this goes down.
No, not yet. Have to wait till the riot is in your neighborhood and the mob is coming down your street. In the interim research skip shooting. Start at the link below.

If there's a mob coming down my street, a shotgun won't be my primary weapon and I won't be aiming at the ground.
Shotgun is too slow and low capacity.
Shotguns have there place. The preponderance of fighting firearms today are semi auto. It makes the transition between shotgun and rifle much easier. My Beretta 1301 can send 8 rounds of 00 buck quite quickly. A nice large drop pouch carries a lot of shotshells. Sidesaddles are very limited.
So are these ANTIFA thugs just some bored kids with too much time on their hands? Is it just a coincidence that they seem able to swarm an event where "fascist right wing stuff" is happening? Might they be related to the ANTIFA thugs that are in full battle mode right now in Europe?

No, no and yes.

Since then it has become clear that the Antifas act as the enforcement arm of the permanent bureaucratic state in Europe; that is, the establishment that remains in place and manages political, cultural, and economic affairs regardless of which party is in power in any given country - what we now know as the "Deep State" here in the USA.


For the first decade of my work at Gates of Vienna I never saw any significant presence of Antifa in the United States. We had various flavors of communists and anarchists - Trotskyites, Maoists, Stalinists, International ANSWER, Occupy Whatever, etc. - but not the Antifas. But then suddenly everything changed…

As soon as Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, there they were, as if on cue - Antifa thugs breaking windows, burning vehicles, fighting with the police, and causing general mayhem. I recognized their banner immediately in the footage from the "protests" in D.C., Chicago, L.A., and elsewhere.
The above link was an ANTIFA moment in Denver. Here's another in Nashville.
Took his lawyer's advice to leave the shield at home. :lol:

Mother of God.

Kyle after his court hearing today.
Both at the above link and this one - - what stands out is their opposition to "white supremacy."

Depending on your source and your definition of "white," the "white" population of the US is round 75%. Barring them ethnically cleansing the white US population (which most of them seem to be, btw), which I don't see happening, exactly who to they feel the mantle of "supremacy" should then fall upon? :popcorn:
I like the lanyard and foam grip on his little flagpole. You know, so it won't get away from him in a strong wind. :lol:
Antifa BTFO by Socratic method.


That guy reminds me of FPSRussia. Maybe they're cousins. :lol:
The university in a news release said Hussain, an assistant professor of aviation technology, has been suspended from teaching duties.
"This semester's course will deal with tall buildings and large planes." :whisper:
Eric Clanton: bash the skulls (almost killing one) of seven people with a heavy metal object-simple probation. ANTIFA won.
The trial was in Oakland, CA. Was the outcome not expected? After all, he didn't actually kill anybody. Yet.
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