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Groups wearing white shirts

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I was watching a show a month or two ago on Court TV where they staged traffic stops and arrested the individual. They would do this in areas with high vehicle thefts and camp the car to catch the thieves. Anyway they camped this one car and the officer was giving his comments during the video surveillance and noted a group of teens/younger adults that were eyeing the car. All of them had on white shirts, short sleeve with no distinguishing logos, and jean shorts. He stated that this is done so that if someone commits a crime then it will be impossible to get a good statement from a witness since there maybe 20+ people fitting that description based on them all wearing the same thing.

After that aired I started to notice this down here in the war zone that is Clayton County. I drive the worst stretch of 19/41 to work at night from the raceway all the way to I-75. Every night I see the same thing; groups wearing white tops and bottoms that match others in their group. Ever since it's made me more aware of my surroundings during my commute.

Just curious if anyone else noticed this type of trend going on.
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wsweeks2 said:
gsusnake said:
CoolHand said:
I also noticed several groups of young black males all wearing the same colors, either red or purple wandering the mall. They were not uniform in their style or garishness of garb though. I observed several making strange hand signs to others.
They were either gang members, of deaf kids on a school trip.
Maybe they were deaf gang members on a school trip?!?!?
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