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larryg2 said:
Thanks, Ken:

Ken from FireArmz has posted the results of his hunt for a bulk discount purchase at Georgia Arms over in the "Defensive Handgun Class" thread. Here's the nuts of it:

Here are the price quotes from Georgia Arms. Not much of a break but any is better than none.

38 SPCL 158 SWC $160.00 per 1000
9MM 115 $150.00 per 1000
357 SIG $210.00 per 1000
40 S&W 165 $190.00 per 1000
45ACP 230 $220.00 per 1000

.223/5.56MM 55 grain $300.00 per 1000 (in once fired brass only).

If anyone would like a copy of all of the ammo quotes send me a email and I will send it in a word document.
While the prices are substantially better than their normal retail pricing, the big order cals like 9mm & .40 are almost identically priced with Walmart for Winchester white box.

The price on .40 is actually $7 HIGHER then what I paid last week for 250 at Dicks if you break the price down.
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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