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Im practicing my carry technique while I wait for my GFL. I have a somewhat limited grip in my right hand and I have been looking for something to improve my grip. I was at schuler's in Gainesville yesterday and they had a preowned Glock 22 that had a suede or felt type of covering on the grip. They said that they thought the previous owner just added it to the handle and it wasnt available in the aftermarket. I have included a crude picture below. Does anyone know where I can get this done?


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ptsmith24 said:
There are slip-on grips. I'm not too familiar with them, but I think a few people here have them on their weapons.

Hogue Grips come to mind. Something like this:
I can't see the pic from work but what SMITH linked to is what I have on my G22 I have listed for sale on this site. Click the blue link for pics to see if that is what you mean.

If so, I purchased that Hogue wrap at Franklin's a year or so ago. (Before I decided I would never set foot in there again - I won't get into details again.) It was less than $10. You should be able to pick one up at most any gun shop.

I would be happy to sell you my Hogue grip wrap for $425 OBO, shipped. Note: For that price, the gun comes with it. :lol:
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