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    This is a very well written exerpt from an article in American Handgunner. The author, Roy Huntington, says it better than I have ever heard. ENJOY! :wink:

    In America, many of our oldest and most onerous gun laws were crafted by criminals and passed by their puppet politicians. Frequently their purpose, as in New York City, was to prohibit arms to rival gangs. In other places, like Chicago and San Francisco, their aim was to criminalize ethnic minorities and "subversive elements," including blue-collar workers with coal on their clothes and grease under their fingernails; those who might organize and object to dangerous slave labor conditions and perennial poverty.
    Following on that foundation came more restrictive weapons laws propounded by "progressive thinkers" and "social engineers," many of whom also embraced the "science" of "eugenics," which called for the euthanasia of "congenital misfits, morons and degenerates." Jews were, as a race, defined as degenerates. The "progressive" philosophy also envisioned a more "manageable, unarmed populace" of those who were not quite bound for the gas chambers, but well below the sophistication level of "gifted society" - those "born to lead." They only abandoned euthanasia, by the way, when the Third Reich co-opted the theme.
    Tyrants and gangsters still exert their influence, because corrupt politicians prefer unarmed peasants; a simple fact. Their motives ethically disqualify them from such decision-making. Then, increasingly, our laws, policies and public perceptions have been and are promoted and enforced by psychological cripples, the emotionally unbalanced, and moral cowards.
    Am I being rash and unreasonable?
    Please consider this: Those who fear inanimate objects — tools like guns and knives — and believe them to be intrinsically evil or capable of inspiring evil, are clearly psychologically crippled. They cannot think rationally about arms and their lawful use. Those who cannot differentiate between armed, trained, dedicated guardians of their fellow man, and twisted, predatory, psychotic killers, based on shared use of firearms, are clearly emotionally unbalanced. Those who so morbidly fear physical confrontation they preach submission and surrender, even unto death, in preference to fighting for life — and seek to enforce that condition upon others — are moral cowards.
    None are possessed of the courage, wisdom and appreciation of the dynamics of violence and counter-violence requisite to engage in decision-making on those critical issues — yet they do. They persist, and the killing zones widen, deepen and darken with the blood of innocents.
    Our rights and freedoms were fought for and affirmed by brave and brilliant men, now derided and ridiculed by academia and the effete as "Irrelevant Dead White Males." Our rights have been stolen by the unworthy. To them we must say, "Your way has not, does not, will not work. Sit down and SHUT UP!"
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    sounds good to me. although, i'd have added a couple of four letter words in that last line...but i'm a heathen like that.

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    Maybe more than a couple...

    Yeah. Very good read. Thanks Giz!

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    I see Roy Huntington has applied for a GFL in Cobb County.