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great idea/ atlanta cellphone

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now this might just catch on.
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Macktee said:
I may have to trade up for one of those...

My wife and I have identical phones; some kinda Motorola flip phones from Cingular. No bells or whilstles, just phones.

She's never dropped a call.

I can't talk for more than five or six minutes without dropping. That's not occasionally, that's every damn time I make a call! Short calls are fine. Anything over five minutes and it drops out. Call back and it drops again... and again... and again... etc., etc.

I really need a new one. What's the best free phone available? Just a phone? No camera, no games, no nothing else! Just a phone!!! Prefer to stay with Cingular, I mean ATT&TT, but whatever.

So, any suggestions?

I mean, any physically possible suggestions?

For you older folks you need one of these:

Mack, for you I would suggest the 3 button model.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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