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Here's my hope the the outcome...

First of all, what happens when a US Congressperson is unable to complete his or her term? Doesn't the governor appoint someone if it's a US Senator (as Zell Miller replaced Paul Coverdell for the balance of the term)? Is it the same for Congress? Sorry, 8th grade Civics was a lonnngggg time ago.

Anyway, my fantasy: Gov. Perdue (R) and Cynthia (D) win re-election. Cynthia is indicted and convicted on felony charges. :jail: Sonny appoints a Replublican to fill the balance of Cythia's term, and I've got my self a Republican Congressman for 2 years. :woohoo:

I know, it'll NEVER happen...I said it was a fantasy didn't I?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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