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GPS tracking on cars; Two-way street?

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KC police arrest one after GPS device found planted on car

One person has been arrested for allegedly planting a GPS device on another person’s car Tuesday, forcing police to close down a city parking garage for most of the afternoon.
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Some of those GPS units run thousands of dollars. I think one that I saw was $6,000.
Damn.... I'm just disappointed that the GPS tracker wasn't attached to one of the police department's cars.
The feds do it without telling anyone, whats illegal about it?
EJR914 said:
Some of those GPS units run thousands of dollars. I think one that I saw was $6,000.
You can get a state of the art device for around $300. You then have to pay a monthly service charge.
I have a zoombak on my vehicle, cost $99 plus a $15 monthly fee. It lets me monitor when vehicle leaves a "zone" (A defined distance from a defined lat/lon point) it sends email and text messages when the zone is entered or left. I can have many zones. I can also query where my vehicle is at any time from iphone or any browser. it also lets you look at the track the vehicle has taken.

I got this after my vehicle was stolen 2 times in less than one year. If they steal it now I will be able to track where it is and fine it myself. Cops were useless in locating vehicle.
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