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Govt Secrets Leaker Busted in Ga

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Nuff Said. Read article at link.


NSA contractor accused of leaking top secret report on Russian hacking effort
By Samuel Chamberlain, June 05, 2017, Fox News

A federal contractor was arrested over the weekend and accused of leaking a classified report containing "Top Secret level" information on Russian hacking efforts during the 2016 presidential election.

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, appeared in U.S. District Court in Augusta, Ga., to face one charge of removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet, the Justice Department said Monday.

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Another report on related spear phishing and Russian activity.

She has a twitter account under the name Sara Winners. Big time leftist. The Smoking Gun has her pic. Here is more on reading.
Drudge has a half dozen reports on this. Several indicate The Intercept (see post #2) was where she sent the info.

Link below is DoJ news release on this.

Here is her blog.
Hate makes people do strange things.
Unfortunately, it appears that she didn't uncover any corruption, and based on her online posts, the leaks seem to be motivated by bitterness over Clinton's loss.
Hate makes people do strange things.
Yessir. I concur.
Jailed NSA Leaker Reality Winner: ‘Being White is Terrorism’
She can just use the Clinton defense ;)
Is that the "it depends on what the definition of 'is' is"?;
the "I don't recall" defense;
the ""What difference â€" at this point, what difference does it make?";
or the "You can't prosecute me if there's no living witnesses" defense?
Wonder if her trial will take as long as Bergdahl's ?
No, he got a free ride on the time to trial because he was still active duty. She was in for 6 years but fully discharged so that won't work for her.

She speaks 6 languages they say, raised in small town Texas (I don't believe it)

Used her office email to share the secret documents.

Confessed to the FBI.

Dumb as a stone. We need to cancel the contract of her employer until they get their act together.

Surprise, surprise she is a lefty - where do you think they all work (they get a gov check, most all of em)
Interesting British newspaper report on her and situation.

Going to prison under the Trump Administration must really melt her little snowflake heart.
I'm so confused.

Snowden leaks secrets exposing how the government spies on Americans; he's an evil traitor who must be punished. :groupprotest:

Winner leaks secrets exposing an investigation that concluded the Russians sent phishing emails. :panic: She's a kind, beautiful girl who loves animals and rescues honeybees. :bubbly hearts:

worked at Fort Meade in Maryland as a Cryptologic Language Analyst, listening in on intercepted foreign chatter to provide US forces with intelligence
I wonder if she thought printing to paper and snail-mailing would be untraceable. With that kind of work, how did she not know printers have the microdot feature? I remember reading about that years ago, along with all sorts of anxiety about how it invaded our privacy.

I'm amazed the dots survived the photocopying.
What kind of name is that, anyway? Is that her birth name ?
What kind of name is that, anyway? Is that her birth name ?
It's in the warrant so it would seem so. Hippy name, they're so silly and pretentious. She will become the poster snowflake: yoga, vegan, hippy name, rescue animals, Clinton lover/Trump hater, etc. It's like she was written by a leftist author.
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