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    Woman Shot At Vigil For Shooting Victim

    POSTED: 8:43 am EDT April 11, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:18 am EDT April 11, 2007

    PHILADELPHIA -- Shots were fired Tuesday night in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia while people were gathered for a vigil in memory of a shooting victim, police reported.

    Slideshow: Shots Fired At Vigil For Homicide Victim

    A woman who was in a car was shot. She was taken to a hospital. The extent of her injuries is not known, but police said she is in stable condition.

    About 100 people were gathered when witnesses told WCAU-TV a car pulled up and shots were fired from the car.

    Police said five shots were fired.

    "It shows total disrespect for a person who was murdered in the city, and then we have knuckle heads out here firing shots as the vigil is going on. The parents, there were kids, young adults, approximately 100 people total who were out there at the time of the shooting, so it could have been a very bad situation," said Lt. John Walker with the Philadelphia Police Department.

    Police said it is lucky that only one person was injured.

    The vigil was in memory of 19-year-old Terrance Walker, who was shot dead on Easter on the corner of 61st and Market streets.

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    Oh, that's why its called The City of Brotherly Love. :shock: Man, that is bad!

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    Well counldn't find anything on Google with details other than Terrance's body was found after Midnight on Easter morning after reports of a man with a gun in the area the body was found. He was shot in the head several times.

    The reason I looked is because the first thing I thought for was some kind of gang related issue. Other than sheer stupidity why would anyone shoot up a funeral for someone that had been murdered.