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    Got one

    I'm looking for a gun I could carry pretty much no matter how I'm dressed but I can't make up my mind on what I want.

    Requirements are:

    .38 special or larger in revolvers
    .380 or larger in pistols (but 9mm or larger preferred)
    No Taurus (maybe if its a revolver)
    common caliber (.38/.357,.380, 9, .40 or .45)

    If its a .380 it needs to be small and light weight for pocket carry, so think LCP but not PPK.

    Not a requirement but I like two tone guns.

    Not really interested in lasers and such.

    I'm not super picky on box, papers or number of magazines but I would expect the price to reflect these items too.

    My budget is a strict $350. Price is a big factor but not the only one. For example if the difference between new and used is just sales tax I'll buy new.

    Local dealer has a new KelTec PF9 for 299 and a used Taurus airweight for 249 so I'll be comparing offers to that when making decisions.

    I'm in Lawrenceville and won't drive more than 15 miles or so unless I'm already heading that direction (I may be out towards Athens tomorrow).
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    Re: WTB subcompact pistol or revolver - Gwinnett

    This is the complete opposite direction of course, but I would also be interested in a Sig P6 made after June 1989

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    Re: WTB subcompact pistol or revolver - Gwinnett

    The closest shop to get ideas would be the range there in Lawrenceville. Second to that would be Mainstreet Firearms in Lilburn. I'd go to both places, walk in, say what you posted, and see what they can do for you.

    There should be a enough of a variety fitting your parameters to keep you busy for a few weeks.

    You should also determine if size or weight will be limiters as far as carry is concerned. If you tend to never wear a belt, weight is a limiter. If you are smaller and wear fitted clothing, size might be a limiter.

    Do you want DA/SA triggers, DAO, or something else?
    If auto, do you want it to lock back on an empty magazine?
    What is the minimum number of rounds you want in a gun?
    Would you opt for 20% more rounds or 20% more power from fewer rounds?
    Do you want an active safety or do you want the gun to go off on every trigger pull no matter what?

    That will help trim the decision tree down by a bit.