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Mailed off my app and money on Sept 29th, got my card in the mail today. So, what, a 16 day turn around including mailing time, not bad. It looks a ton better than my GFL too. With the GFL they simply took a computer print out and self laminated it. Florida actually gave me a driver license quality card. Pretty neat imo, will be more durable and less likely to need a replacement due to wear and tear.

Hopefully when I go to the airport tonight to welcome my fellow Marines back from Iraq, if I get harrassed, I flash my Military ID, GFL, & CFL, they'll realize I'm not a threat .... Or... I'll end up in jail I suppose lol.

Again, this is all dependent upon me actually having the balls to go through with this. I can't get thrown in jail tonight, we're supposed to be leaving town tomorrow morning (0530) for work lol.
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