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Got ANOTHER new gun today

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This makes 5 that I've bought in 3 weeks.

I picked up a Romanian WASR-10 underfolder with all black furniture in exchange for my Sig 229.

Even trade, and I got 2 30-rd mags and 3 boxes of Wolf thrown in with it.

Pics coming shortly.
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ptsmith24 said:
Awesome. Where did you get it?
Mission Essential.

I'm tellin' you (and all the other members within a 2-hour drive of this guy) SHOP THERE!

He even supports (but has not joined :? ) GPDO and GCO!
Rammstein said:
pics! I demand pics!
Working on it, I've got some friends over at the moment so I can't exactly pose a rifle.

When I do pose it, however, I'm going to post the whole collection, too.

And besides, you're going to get to shoot it (eventually) so you can hold your horses.
The arsenal.

Top to bottom:

Mosin Nagant Tula Armories 1944 model M1891/30 carbine 7.62x54R
Savage Arms Mk II .22LR w/ 3-9x32mm scope
Romanian WASR-10 AK 47 M90 underfolder 7.62x39
Hi-Point Carbine .40 S&W w/ UTG Tact-Edge combination red/green dot sight
Sig Sauer P226 .40 S&W

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Doing my part to aid in the spread of BRD.

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budder said:
That AK looks nice, but that Hi-Point looks like Glock crap. Who designed that? :shock:
Uh... Hi-Point did.

They're ugly, and cheap, and not particularly reliable or powerful, but they're fun.
Macktee said:
Adam5 has a HiPoint carbine with a red dot sight and an after-market stock that looks far cooler than the factory model.

Like snake says, it's really a hoot to shoot! :D :flame:
Unfortunately ATI doesn't make that stock for the .40 model.
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