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Got ANOTHER new gun today

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This makes 5 that I've bought in 3 weeks.

I picked up a Romanian WASR-10 underfolder with all black furniture in exchange for my Sig 229.

Even trade, and I got 2 30-rd mags and 3 boxes of Wolf thrown in with it.

Pics coming shortly.
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gsusnake said:
ptsmith24 said:
Awesome. Where did you get it?
Mission Essential.

I'm tellin' you (and all the other members within a 2-hour drive of this guy) SHOP THERE!

He even supports (but has not joined :? ) GPDO and GCO!
I've heard Jon at Anvil Arms and Chris at Semper Fi Arms are excellent resources as well. :wink:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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