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So, I'm browsing through my Google spam folder to check for "real" ones before I delete them, and I see one about guns, with subject "Book on the Second Amendment".

Hm, I thought, out of all these ones that promise me "TRUE LOVE" or "IMPORTANT LUCRATIVE BRIEFING," why is that one spam? Where did they link my address to guns? From this forum? It's well-written. It looks like an honest ad for a new book about guns.

Then I see "My book differs from any other that has ever been written about the Second Amendment in that it proves, by means of irrefutable documentary evidence, that 'A well regulated Militia' refers to the Organized State Militia that is today known as the National Guard; that 'people' refers to the general populace and not to individuals" So, he thinks Heller got it wrong.

Yep. Spam. Google's spamcatcher is REALLY good. :righton:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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