Good place to shoot in the woods near Mineral Bluff

Discussion in 'Training' started by Connor Gasgarth, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Connor Gasgarth

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    Does anyone have a recommendation on wear to shoot in the woods new Mineral Bluff? I know it has to be on national forest land and not WMA land but I called and asked the rangers office and they didn't have a recommendation for a specific spot. Could someone point me in the right direction before I drive around looking for a place?
  2. gunsmoker

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    Just be sure you have a good backstop. People are in those woods, both in vehicles and on foot, or in tents at campsites.

    A gently sloping hill won't cut it as a bullet-catching surface. A dirt road is the worst possible choice to put your target on. You need to find a cliff with a nearly perpendicular wall of dirt to shoot into.
    Or, a really big mud -encrusted root ball from an uprooted tree. I've used that sort of backstop out in the woods before. C5F89D0B-7E0E-4E6F-AE10-24A7BE0ED62D.jpeg