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Considering that list is a heckuva lot better than what we're already "living with," definitely.

I assume "prohibited by federal law" would include the setrile area inside airports?

Would you be willing to prohibit carry in bars? I'm not so much advocating doing so, but if you're talking about having the law amended, I doubt legal carry in bars (night clubs) would ever get through. I see a huge difference between allowing carry in restuarants (and the "bar" area thereof) and carry in a bar/nightclub. I think a responsible gun owner/packer will do everything he can to avoid dangerous situations (#1 rule of going to a gun fight is don't go). While you very rarely see any kind of a physical confrontation while dining out, it's very common in the Buckhead bar scene.

Of course, my thoughts and $.75 will buy you a Coke (maybe, if you find an old machine).

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