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Sent out an email and got this back:

My name, (yeah none ya business) , as a result of your mail, we are changing our procedure along the following lines. I discussed this with Gary Belson, a Certified Instructor who has trained 1,000s, who made these important suggestions. I'd rather have the weapons securely holster, concealed or otherwise, than being handled to make us "safe", unless being fitted for a holster.

From: Gary Belson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2006 9:58 AM
To: Mitchell WerBell
Cc: Gary W.Belson
Subject: Re: sign on front door.

Per our conversation, you might find it useful to consider the following;

Replace the sign and have it inside vs visible from the outside the following; PLEASE KEEP ALL GUNS HOLSTERED---SEE STORE MANAGER FOR ASSISTANCE FOR HOLSTER FITTING, THANKS... or something to that effect might help..
When guns are to be fitted, be sure when gun drawn that the person taking the gun out of their holster is instructed to do the following;
1. Face in a safe direction (NOTHING HOT, WET AND BREATHING IN FRONT OF THAT PERSON OR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WALL UNLESS ITS CONCRETE), draw gun with finger off the trigger

2. Clear gun in a safe gun clearing barrel. This way if there is an incident, the bullet simply stops in the canister, not someone's chest. The clearing process is with finger on the side of the frame, place the muzzle of the gun in the clearing barrel, place gun safety to on position, remove the magazine, lock the slide to the rear. Then remove the gun from the barrel with muzzle straight up confirm that the gun is on safe, the magazine is removed by inserting your finger in the magazine well and then physically and visually stick your finger in the end of the barrel to confirm there is no round in the chamber.

3. While gun is being handled, muzzle is in the clearing barrel with finger off the trigger.

4. To determine if gun fits in a holster, implement the unloading confirmation process, release slide and place in holster while gun is pointing IN THE CLEARING BARREL.

5. When finished fitting the gun into holster(s), re-holster gun with gun still in safe mode. If he wants to re-load it, tell him outside the building and not on the property.

Revolvers, you know the drill, same general process. Cops should be OK, except for those that have their fingers on the trigger and the gun goes off by an "Act of God"... duh...

Hope this helps Mitch and suggest you go over this visually with the staff so they can do it. Also, the clearing barrel thing is probably a must...

Thanks for contacting me on this and this is how I would do it. From a liability point, this should cover you since you have made an effort. For those that say, "I know everything about guns and it is not loaded" and refuse to clear and/or handle the gun safely, have the staff call you.



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Mitch WerBell is still around?

Congratulations on the policy change! It is nice to know that common sense prevails in at least one company!
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