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Good Movie & Great Book

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2 Different Stories but...

The movie 'Shooter' with Mark Wahlberg is awesome. I loved that movie and am going to buy it asap.

The book 'Shooter' is an autobiography of Jack Coughlin - Marine Sniper in the Iraq war. Best book I have read since the Carlos Hathcock books. Informative and the more I read the less I wanted to stop.

Just my opinions on 'em. Thought I'd share that with ya's.
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Saw it this weekend. It was entertaining, but anybody who spends a lot of time shooting at distance will roll their eyes more than once.

Anybody ever try the water bottle suppressor? Think it works so many times? Think it will stay on while firing if you can whisk it off with your fingers afterward?

And where did he get gasoline? That truck probably gets 7 mpg.
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