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    Good Morning America just had a young man on the show, apparently a survivor of the VA Tech massacre, talking about the need for private-party gun sales to be handled through an FFL so that everybody gets the instant backgrounc check.

    They showed an "undercover" type video where some private buyer found a private seller at a gun show and bought a commie assault type rifle for $400 cash, no questions asked.

    The young man (Colin) did say one thing that is clearly false: "If you're a law-abiding citizen, your background check will come through instantly and you're approved, no problems." Actually, plenty of law-abiding citizens who are not disqualified from buying guns DO get delayed or turned down by the BATF instant background check system all the time. So there IS something to fear-- being wrongly denied your right to keep and bear arms for a matter of days, weeks, or months (if you have to appeal the denial, get your incorrect criminal history cleaned-up, etc.).

    Another point: I'll bet that 95% of the people who buy guns from private-party sellers at gun shows (as pictured in this video) already OWN perfectly deadly functional guns. SO they don't "need" this new one to use in a crime. They want the new one because they're hobbists, gun collectors, maybe planning on hunting a new game species under different conditions... so they need a new tool..
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    Another point.....the VA shooter bought his guns through an FFL. Just saying....

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    Odd timing. These kind of stories were always on the news during the gun-control 1980's. Lately, though, they seem to only pop up after a particularly bad episode, like VT. Wonder what spurred GMA to air this story.
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    Trying desperately to stay relevant?
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    from the comments:
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    More about the "documentary"

    Virginia Tech Survivor Is 'Living for 32' in War to Tighten Gun Laws

    It's always interesting how if you disagree with their position, it's not because you've come to a conslusion based on evidence, but because you're "programmed." Your position just simply can't be rational. And if you demand time to explain your position, then you're "ridiculous".